Library art collection worth seeing

Since March 1994, the Library has owned a collection of 54 framed art prints that were donated by Dr. Larry Davis, a former member of the Woodburn Library Board.

The prints were formally received by the City via Council Bill No. 1625, a Resolution acknowledging acceptance of an art donation and entering into an agreement with Dr. Larry Davis. The agreement gave all ownership of the art to the Woodburn Public Library but allowed each of the donor's two children to take a piece prior to the end of 2005.

Those pieces were taken June 1996 and April 2005. The City agreed to maintain the collection until the children selected their pieces or until Jan. 1, 2006, whichever came first.

While the value of the collection at present is unknown, Dr. Davis claimed a value of $29,969 for tax purposes in 1994. A subsequent valuation done by the Library in 1995 priced the collection at $30,689. Depending on the value of the collection today, the Library may have a valuable asset at its disposal.

Most of the artwork is located in the west stairwell, and is definitely worth a visit to check it out.

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