Popular Music in the Park series finishes successful season

It’s hard to believe how fast the summer has flown by. September will be here before you know it, quickly followed by the holidays. But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Another season of summer concerts in Library Park has come and gone. Library Manager John Hunter said the combined audience for five concerts was approximately 1,030, which averages out to about 206 people per concert. The audience was lower than in past years, but three of the five nights had temperatures in the low 90s, and one of those evenings included a few rain drops prior to the performance.

Hunter said it could be that the concert audience is in transition as more and more families are in attendance. Hopefully, the City will broaden and expand future attendance above historic levels. Next year, the library will expand upon their existing marketing efforts (e.g. TV ads, newspaper ads and direct mail) by speaking directly to homeowner’s groups, such as The Estates and Tukwila, to encourage residents to attend.

Our staff tells me the audiences liked this year’s lineup of bands and our new sound company. Bands included speak easy jazz, Celtic vocals, soft rock, Latin guitar and country, and we received many requests to have the last two bands back next year.

Logistically, the concerts are a bigger, yet more efficient, operation than ever before. Twelve vendors sold food, merchandise or promoted a service. Food vendors, including Lupita’s Restaurant and Mega Foods, are seeing more folks come early to picnic prior to the concert. With the closure of First Street between Garfield and Arthur, Library Park takes on a charming festival atmosphere that is conducive to socialization prior to the concerts. If you missed a concert, they are being repeated on WCAT, and the recordings should be better than ever as we had three cameramen for most of the concerts.

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