We are coming into street maintenance season

You wouldn’t know it by the recent weather we have been having but spring is here and summer is rapidly approaching. That means the City will be picking up its street maintenance program.

The streets receiving maintenance work during the upcoming construction season will be:


1.      North Settlemier Street

5.  Grant Street

2.      Country Club Court

6.  Leasure Street

3.      Astor Way

7.  Mayanna Street

4.       East Lincoln Street

8.  Princeton Street

I have explained in the past the reason behind the City’s strategy to use chip sealing to extend the service life of our streets that have not yet failed. This program is buying time and keeping our system functioning. The chip seal preventive maintenance program is not popular with some of our residents, but is a means to extend the service life of our streets and to provide an equitable level of street maintenance service to the entire community. We will be expending approximately $425,000 on 15,840 lineal feet of roadway chip sealing.

Included within our street maintenance plan is constructing a sidewalk and hard surface and a single travel lane on Ogle Street. Ogle Street serves as a major pedestrian route from south Woodburn to downtown and schools. The single travel lane will function as a one-way street and the sidewalk will provide separation of pedestrian from vehicular traffic on Ogle Street. Ogle Street is currently a gravel road with no pedestrian facilities. This project is estimated to cost $293,000.

For further information, please contact Duane Barrick in the Engineering Division at 503-980-2408 or via email at duane.barrick@ci.woodburn.or.us.

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