Memorial Bench Installed At Alvah Cowan Park

In June I talked to you about the volunteers, known as the Settlemier Knott Garden Society, who have adopted Alvah Cowan Park, and the work they have done. You can read about that here.

The park got a facelift and is now a pleasant site along Settlemier Avenue. The volunteers worked to upgrade the park with new roses and boxwood hedges, along with removing invasive ivy.

Recently, the City in installed a bench with a plaque commemorating Alvah G. Cowan at the park. The plaque states, “Alvah Gregory Cowan, Father of Woodburn Parks, 1899-1989, Great-Grandson of General Joseph Lane, First Territorial Governor of Oregon, 1848.”

This is just another in a long line of volunteerism that makes Woodburn a great place to live. These individuals, whom you can find in the link above from my earlier blog post, are making great contributions to the City of Woodburn.


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