Keep Grease out of the Drain

With the Holidays upon us, it is especially important to keep in mind what you are dumping down your kitchen drain. The chefs of the house prepare elaborate meals for family, friends and guests to enjoy. However, during this time, it is easy to forget about the burden the drain pipes at your home may carry. 

Often grease, leftover gravy, oils and other meal by-products end up down your sink drain. Some meal byproducts may be run through the sink disposal, but it may surprise you to know that running water and chopping up these byproducts through the sink disposal doesn’t remove the possibility of your pipes becoming clogged. Taking this risk may add an extra cost to those meals and you may then need to invite an extra guest that you didn’t expect (the plumber).

To limit the risk, remember to use your trash for these meal byproducts, and take the time to pour fat, oil and grease into an old tin can to freeze and then throw into the trash to keep your pipes healthy and the extra guest away.

To help with this effort, the City Wastewater Section offers a free “Freeze the Grease, Save The Drain Kit” to residents. Your kit can be obtained by calling 503-982-5284, or by emailing

The Kit includes a pan scraper, lid and easy to follow instructions.

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