Global Inclusion Advisory Committee


The Global Inclusion Advisory Committee was created through Council Resolution in September of 2015. Identified as a Council priority goal for the 2015-16 year, the Committee was created with the following guiding principles:

  • Improve understandings of Woodburn's diverse cultural values, expectations, needs and demographics of those living in our community.
  • Identifying cultural barriers that limit access to City services and programs such as law enforcement, youth programs, business development, etc.
  • Identifying "gaps" in programs and/or services needed in our community, making recommendations for addressing those service opportunities.
  • Provide advice on improving access to City services and programs.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of Woodburn's community outreach efforts.
  • Increasing community participation.
  • Develop recommendations on how to build stronger community connectivity or how to better bring diverse cultures together in an effort to strengthen our community. 

The Global Inclusion Advisory Committee is designed to bring together City leaders and community members representing the Latino, Russian, older adult, and disabled communities to advise the City Council and City Staff on cultural values and the needs of residents, identify gaps in programs or services, and to develop recommendations to build a stronger and better connected community. The Committee is appointed by the Mayor. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Global Inclusion Advisory Committee please complete and submit the Committee Application. For more information or questions please contact Gustavo Gutierrez-Gomez at 503-980-6320 or at


Mayor or Designee Kathy Figley February 2017
City Councilors Teresa Alonso Leon February 2017
  Robert Carney February 2017
City Administrator or Designee Scott Derickson February 2017
Chief of Police Jim Ferraris February 2017
Assistant City Administrator Jim Row February 2017
Director of Economic Development Jamie Johnk February 2017
Community Relations Manager Gustavo Gutierrez-Gomez February 2017
Community Members Elida Sifuentez February 2017
  Don Judson February 2017
  Rafael Vasquez-Lopez February 2017
  Maria Gutierrez February 2017
  Luis Molina February 2017
  Kasi Pankey February 2017
  Antonio Anfilofieff February 2017
  Elias Villegas February 2017