Fiesta Designated Oregon Heritage Tradition

The City of Woodburn was notified this week that the Fiesta Mexicana was designated an Oregon Heritage Tradition by the Oregon Heritage Commission.

City leaders presented the Fiesta to the Commission on Jan. 23 before it was approved.

"The narrative and supporting material made this an easy decision for us," said Todd Mayberry, coordinator for the Oregon Heritage Commission. "The Woodburn Fiesta Mexicana clearly demonstrates that it enriches community and defines heritage in the state of Oregon."

Assistant City Administration Jim Row was excited to hear the news.

"We're really pleased to learn that the Fiesta has earned this prestigious designation, which is only held by 15 other longstanding events in Oregon," he said. "It is a recognition of the efforts that many people have dedicated to the Fiesta over its 53 year history."

According to its website, an Oregon Heritage Tradition is an annual local, regional or statewide event with at least 50 years of continuous operation and:

  • Is associated with Oregon people, places, events, and activities that characterize the heritage of the state, its positive accomplishments, and its enduring qualities and traditions; 
  • Has a demonstrated appeal to a broad spectrum of the public; 
  • Has a demonstrated public profile and reputation that distinguishes it from more ordinary events; 
  • Provides participatory activities for the public beyond simply the observation of showcase performances; 
  • Adds to the livability and identity of the state; volunteerism, community building, economic and tourism development, and community giving are among the livability and identity factors that will be considered; 
  • Has free or paid admission, and has no membership, age, racial, religious, gender, family or other exclusionary requirements.

For more information on the Oregon Heritage Commission, click here.

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