Water & Sewer Bills


The City provides water and sewer utility service to approximately 6,700 accounts. Meters are read and entered into handheld recorders. The meter readings are transferred into our accounting system, which produces billing statements weekly. For most of the accounts, water consumption for the month is based on a single meter reading, while others are based on multiple meter readings. These readings are used for the calculations during billing.

Learn How to Read Your Water Meter.

Charges for water, as set by City Ordinance, are based on consumption amounts. Minimum charges are based on the size of the service line from main to meter, and entitle the user to a set quantity.

Residential sewer rates are a set fee per month, based on the winter average of water consumption. Commercial sewer rates entitle the user to a set quantity of water. Like the water charges, an additional fee is charged for sewer, based on water consumed above the minimum quantity allowed per month.

Current Water and Sewer Rates


Payments for water/sewer bills can be submitted by mail, by Electronic Bank Draft Form (También disponible en Español), in person at the Finance counter in City Hall, in the drop box slot located on the curb in front of the North Entrance to City Hall, or at the members only drop box at the Senior Estates Club House.

Online Bill Pay (Now Available)

Customers can now sign-up for Online Bill Pay.  Instructions are available in English and Spanish (Disponible en Español). Please, click on the Pay Your Bill ONLINE link above to be directed to the site.

New Customer

New customers are required to pay a $75.00 refundable deposit before services can begin. Applications can be filled out at the Finance counter in City Hall.  You may also call (503) 982-5222 to set up new service.